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If Enovelle’s debut EP could be described in one, it would be fresh. Vibrantly rich melodies and lyrical translations of the world perceived - carrying undertones of hope and joie de vivre - was a breath of fresh air to the local music scene. The album also enjoyed international acclaim as three of the tracks are playlisted on’s Paris café channel.

Als Lyk Beter In Die Donker (2011)

Meer as Revolusie (2013)

Embark on the musical journey of Meer as Revolusie, Enovelle’s latest EP. This concept EP is themed around the desire for change found, at least to some degree, in each of us.  Compared to their earlier work, the album voices full, slightly melancholic, tones without dwindling the sanguine heart of band.

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Bandcamp - Als Lyk Beter In Die Donker
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iTunes - Als Lyk Beter In Die Donker
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