The Band

We love beer. We love red wine and listening to good music. We love rich culinary fragrances in the company of friends. We love café culture and long drives through our awe-inspiring country. We drink strong aromatic coffee in the early morning. We make music out of the love for it. We believe music can touch your soul and lift your spirit. We do not merely trade melodies, we deal in hope. It’s a passion for music that drives us. Life is a journey and in our wonderful path through the world of music. It has led us across the country on an endless adventure. We’ve gone swimming in a river to cool down after a gig at festival. Done wine tastings before a gig in Stellenbosch just to fit it into our schedule. Overcome language barriers to understand and reply to fans from other countries. We have countless stories of people we've met and their stories they shared with us. Our story has just begun and we're inviting you along for the ride of turning life into music.